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Diablo Unearthed Arsenal

MARCH, 1997


  • Enhanced Elements Created by Diablo™ Enthusiasts
  • Internet Access Not Necessary
  • New Characters for Single-Player Mode
  • Easy Access to Freebie Utilities

(Carlsbad, CA) -- Micro Star Software announces the release of Unearthed Arsenal, an add-on that enhances elements of the popular Diablo™ game. Developed by die-hard Diablo™ enthusiasts, the add-on allows the creation of new mythological God-like characters with omnipotent power for gamers in single-player mode without Internet access. However, the "freebie" utilities included in Unearthed Arsenal can be used for multi-player gaming and are available on the Internet. Micro Star’s Unearthed Arsenal and other add-on titles provide a timesaving and game play extending service to the many gamers who do not have access to the Internet.

Unearthed Arsenal contains an arsenal of powerful characters and utilities, including great heroes and gods from mythology, secret powers and weapons to help Diablo™ players stop the forces of evil. Users can descend deep into the lower levels and wreak havoc on the beast. As masters of the Diablo™ universe, players have hours of eternal life and so do their games.

Because some players with Battle.net (Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service) access may choose to use Unearthed Arsenal’s extra characters for nefarious purposes, they have been restricted to single-player mode use only. When using the editor, a disclaimer appears and gamers are asked to agree to restrict usage of the new characters in Unearthed Arsenal to single player mode only. This disclaimer appears on the main screen of the free character editor every time the editor is accessed. The agreement is required for the editor to actually function. The license agreement specifically states that the editor not be used with Battle.net. Micro Star provides this editor for your own multi-player or local network game play.

However, located in the "Freebies Directory" of Unearthed Arsenal are utilities gleaned from the Internet that were developed by other Diablo™ enthusiasts wanting to maximize their powers in the multi-player mode. Utilities included in Unearthed Arsenal are readily available to anyone on the Internet. Micro Star’s packaging states that the freebie utilities in Unearthed Arsenal are incorporated "as is" and the company is unable to provide technical support for this directory only.

The developers of Unearthed Arsenal are great fans of Diablo™ and Battle.net. They wish to maintain an amicable relationship with Blizzard Entertainment (creators of Diablo™ ) and want to preserve the integrity of the game. Therefore, Micro Star restricts multi-player usage of its new enhanced characters. The company recognizes the fact that Blizzard is not in a position to endorse any add-on titles.

According to Chris Canton, Director of Technology and Business Affairs and Producer of Unearthed Arsenal, "We provide the Diablo™ player with greater game life so that they can explore beyond anything they have ever experienced." Canton emphasizes that, "Elements of Unearthed Arsenal are intended to enhance the gaming experience for players who don’t have Internet access for local network, multi-player game interaction. It’s intended for gamers who want to take on God-like powers from ancient mythology and play Diablo™ in single-player mode on a console. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it provides players with access to powers, weapons and levels they can’t experience otherwise. But, I want to reiterate, the new characters included inUnearthed Arsenal are not authorized for multi-player gaming, especially on Battle.net, and are provided as an expansion of game play for the individual user experience."

Unearthed Arsenal is currently available on CD-ROM exclusively for Windows® 95 at retailers nationwide or directly from Micro Star at (800) 777-4228 for $19.99 (MSRP). A complete registered version of Diablo™ is required. For free technical support for installation and all directories excluding the "Freebies Directory," call Micro Star at (619) 931-4955 or receive online technical support at www.microstar-usa.com.

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