Diablo Hellfire Awakening

Diablo Hellfire Mod The Awakening



Diablo Awakening v6.4

  • Awake can be now launched through Awake Launcher
  • Language choice (EN/PL) was added
  • No-cd option was added
  • The resistance of monsters for Stone Curse was decreased from 75% to 50% (if the moster has the resistance the maximum duration is 6 sec)
  • Lord Arach, Unseen, Hellish Boar, Blood Stone resistance on Hell difficult was changed
  • Updates items stats: Devastator, Storm Drain, Hammer of Thor, Elementals Bow, Thundersong, Fleshstinger, Demons Knuckle, Iced Fist, Perun's Hammer, Gotterdamerung, Naj's Puzzler, Arkaine's Valor, Empyrean Band
  • New unique items were added: Zen the Shield, Vizjeri Defender, Sorcerer's Dream and one special unique
  • The picture for Short Sword was slightly correct amended
  • Old pictures for items Kite Shield, Axe, Full Plate Mail, Quarter Staf are back
  • Monsters Familiars were changed from Deamons to Animals
  • Better palet in Quest Menu
  • The coordinates of Town Portalp for the 4th player have been corrected

Diablo Awakening v6.3d

  • Repaired error with drop na 9 dlvl when encouting Night Beast
  • Now there is a REAL chance to buy Book of Nova, book of Magic Nova, Staff of Megaball at Adria
  • Mystyriuos and tainted shrines are disabled
  • Changed statistic of uniques: The Bleeder, Ancient Bow, Hurricane, Eaglehorn, Hammer of Thor, Axe of Dark
  • Few things which were in Polish changed to English

Diablo Awakening v6.3c

  • Fixed the bug of repairing items at Griswold in multiplayer mode
  • When durability of item comes to 0 it will disappear
  • Reduced price of buying/repairing some armors
  • Corrected the information that appears after Chamber of Bone quest

Diablo Awakening v6.3b

  • Breaking barrel - game crash fix
  • Invisible mummy in dungeon fix
  • Axe of The Brave stats fix
  • Wicked Ring stats fix
  • Aguinara's Hatchet flip animation fix

Diablo Awakening (v1.0 - v6.3a)

  • Changes in minimal and maximal values of characters attributes
  • Slightly improved speed of attack (Mage, swords only)
  • Slightly improved casting speed of Warrior
  • Improved Item-Display in shops
  • Item gets unusable when Durability = 0 (not disappear)
  • Highlighted items when map is on
  • New Storyline
  • New spells
  • New monsters
  • New unique monsters
  • New base items
  • New unique items
  • New quests
  • New graphics
  • New music
  • New sounds
  • New movies
  • Shared Experience
  • Few map bugs fixed, such as holes in walls (Hell)
  • Spell in "starting" Mage staff is changed from Charged Bold to Holy bolt
  • In multiplayer game, characters are now saying the same thing when entering levels 1,5,9,13 as in singleplayer.
  • Amor Class and To Hit Overflow Fix
  • Disable New Game and Exit Diablo when dead
  • New character statistics
  • New monster statistics
  • Can't Enter Town Portal if Character lvl < Dungeon lvl
  • No books from bosses
  • Monster with immune/resist for magic are also immune/resist to Stone Curse
  • Item display on ground
  • Spells hotkeys are now available also from F1 to F4
  • Increased value of one pile of gold to 30000
  • Changes look of Tristram
  • Stash is added, now YOU can store your items!
  • Duping bug fix
  • Flash bug fix (damage given is the same in every direction)
  • New colour palette in Tristram amd some dungeon levels
  • New NPC
  • New graphics of NPC
  • New objects in Tristram
  • Relocated NPC
  • Improved Monster and Boss-display
  • The Mod has its own private Battle.Net server and its gateways is separate from Diablo Retail gateway.
  • Protocol UDP is added to multiplayer
  • Change data of some spells
  • Monsters HP in single player is now the same as Monster HP in multiplayer
  • 255 Monsters HP limit has been removed
  • Game difficulty increased
  • Shrines: Goat and Cauldron is now changed to Ghost and Crucified
  • Changed valued of affixes
  • Fixed animations and graphics of few monsters
  • Some of negative shrines has been removed (shrines that takes away base mana)