Diablo Hellfire Awakening

Diablo Hellfire Mod The Awakening



Diablo The Awakening - is a mod for the first Diablo, which introduces many changes into the game. Awake Mod, is also one of not too many mods based on the newest Diablo patch 1.09. Newly set up story shows us further fate of the World of Sanctuary, after Baal has been killed and the Worldstone destroyed.

The main changes Awake makes are adding new monsters/bosses, spells, new quests, normal items and unique items. Values of prefixes and suffixes has been modified, the difficult of the game has increased and few bugs that were present in Diablo 1 were fixed, such as duplicate bug, flash bug, invisible walls in hell, etc. One of the feature of Diablo Awake mod is shared experience, gained from monsters, over the players what makes cooperative and online game much more fun. Improved monster status bar is also an interesting extras which allows to see current HP of the monster and ever HP and Resist/Immune of Bosses. All negative shrines (shrines which takes away base mana points) has been removed completely. The look of Tristram is now different, new pallets of colours have been added, locations of NPC is different, new music, movies and graphics also have been added.

These improvements above are only few from the full. Too see all changes go to "Changes" section.

When playing Diablo Awake, there are two modes - single and multiplayer. You can play multiplayer on special private Battle.Net server or through Hamachi or Tunngle network (choose Local Area Network [UDP] when using Hamachi or Tunngle).