Diablo Hellfire Awakening

Diablo Hellfire Mod The Awakening



Spells available only as scrolls

Name Type Info Picture
Identify N/A Identifies magic items. Used also by Cain. Identify
Infravision N/A You can see monsters and players, in Infravision, that are outside your light radius. Infravision
Etherealize N/A Gives immune on physyical damages for a short period of time. Etherealize
Super Nova Lightning
Powerful spell, creates a nova of magic and lightning at once. Supernova
Armageddon N/A Very powerful spell, it can be used against every monster regadless of its immunities. Armageddon

Spells available only in Staffs

Name Type Info Picture
Insanity Bolt Lightning
Fires three types of bolts at once – magic, fire and lightning Insanity Bolt
Megaball Fire Very powerful spell, shoots fire ball Mega Ball

Spells available only as scrolls and in staffs

Name Type Info Picture
Resurrect N/A Resurrects other players to life. Resurrect Rasurrect

Spells available in books

Spell Book - Page 1

Name Type Info Picture
Firebolt Fire Shots bolts of fire Firebolt
Charged Stars Magic Fires chains of bolts, which inflict magic damage Charged Stars
Holy Bolt N/A Shoots bolts that damage only undeads Holy Bolt
Healing N/A Restores some of ours HP Healing
Heal Other N/A Restores some HP of other players. Heal Other
Inferno Fire Creates in front of us billow of flames Inferno

Spell Book - Page 2

Name Type Info Picture
Resurrect N/A Resurrects other players to life. Resurrect
Fire Wall Fire Creates a fire wall which deals damage to players and monsters. Firewall
Telekinesis N/A Using this spell, you can open boxes, pick up items, use shrines, etc. From a distance. Telekinesis
Lightning Lightning Invokes lightning which you can throw on monsters. Lightning
Town Portal N/A Creates portal which takes you to the Town Town Portal
Flash Magic Generates aggregated energy which radiate around the character Flash
Stone Curse N/A For a little while turns monsters into stone Stone Curse

Spell Book - Page 3

Name Type Info Picture
Phasing N/A Teleports the character in random place somewhere near Phasing
Mana Shield N/A Reduces damage taken and uses mana to take off the damage instead of hp. Mana Shield
Magic Star Magic Creates magic self-guided bolt Magic Star
Fireball Fire Although it looks like Firebolt, it is more powerful Fireball
Flame Wave Fire Casts moving fire wall Flame Wave
Chain Lightning Lightning Shoots few lightnings which are automatically guided onto the enemies. Chain Lightning
Guardian Fire Invokes three-headed beast, spitting fire bolt in the enemies Guardian

Spell Book - Page 4

Name Type Info Picture
Nova Lightning Powerful spell which casts the ring of lightning Nova
Gryphon N/A Evokes Gryphon which fights monsters for you Gryphon
Teleport N/A Teleports the character in place chosen by the player Teleport
Magic Nova Magic Powerful spell, casts the ring of magic energy Magic Nova
Bone Spirit Magic Evokes a Spirit, which automatically chooses the target and takes 1/3 of its HP. Used against other player, it take 1/6 hp Bone Spirit
Blood Star Magic Shoots a ball of magic energy. The character who casts this char looses 5hp or 5 mana points when using Mana Shield Blood Star