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Posted by: Noktis (02-12-2016)

The Awakening Reboot

I decided to do a reboot of the mod The Awakening. The re-made version of the mod will not contain some of the elements from The Awakening which did not fit the game in my opinion. The game will also be re-balanced and more monsters and bosses will be added. If you have any ideas in what could be changed in The Awakening please write it in the comments. The first version of the reboot should be released soon.

Posted by: Noktis (07-02-2016)

Update: Patch v6.9b

Diablo the Awakening patch v6.9b is now available in the download section. DiabloTorch and stash have been updated.

Diablo Stash
- Gossip fix by blankname

Diablo Torch was updated
- There is now a "party" status screen (toggled with the 'P' key) that shows the clvl, location (dlvl/town), and life/mana for everyone in the game. There is an option to disable this.
- Other players now get life/mana bars over their heads, with an option to disable this.
- It now draws other players on the automap in blue arrows, there is not currently a way to disable this one.
- '~' tilde key now hides all windows, not just the taskbar (so you can leave shrines open now and hide it quickly).
- Reduced size of "item value" display window in the inventory (it now only shows sell prices).
Posted by: Noktis (22-12-2015)

10th Anniversary

Todays marks the 10th anniversary from when Awakening website was created. Originally, it was not a mod but actually a project with a different name, which evolved into a Diablo mod. A patch should be release soon that adds several improvements to the Awakening mod.
Posted by: Noktis (17-06-2015)

New website address

Website for The Awakening mod has been moved to a new address

In addition, I fixed issues in regards to people not being able to leave comments, improved website's code and adjusted the website for mobile devices.

I would also like to thank p1_p1_p1 for helping me with issues I had with the website's engine.

Posted by: Noktis (06-11-2014)

Update: Patch v6.9

Patch v6.9 was released, here`s the changelog:

- Added new base items: Battle Sword, Great Battle Axe, Battle Staff, War Mace, Tabard, Battle Armor.
- New properties for some of the new base items.
- Attributes of the following uniques were changed: Inarius' Talisman, Pentagram, Izual's Amulet, Iced Fist, The Bleeder, Angelic Helm, Gotterdamerung, Perun's Crown, Gleamsong, Hurricane, Mysterious Bow, Naj's Might, Edge of God, Vizjerei Defender, Aguinara's Hatchet, Iced Plate, Necromancer's Plate.
- Removed Fast hit recovery from Knuckles
Removed Infravision from Ankh
Diablo Torch was integrated with the game, so there won`t be any problems with starting it up.
- Some high-level uniques will be obtainable only on Nightmare and Hell difficulties.
- Few typos were corrected.
- Multiplayer connection menu has following options: Battle.net, Local Area Network (UDP), Tunngle Network (UDP)

After installing the patch some uniques may be replaced by another item.
Attributes of items on the website will be updated in few days.

Patch v6.9 is available in the download section.

To play on Battle.net we are using NetCraft servers now. I`d like to thank the administrators of NetCraft for letting this happen.

Posted by: Noktis (10-08-2014)

Update: Patch v6.8

It has been a long time since the last game update. Nevertheless, from now on we can download patch v6.8 from the download section that is meant for verstions 6.5/6.7. This patch will add the Diablo Torch mod by Tiron. Diablo Torch introduces: new stash under the "quest" button, option to highlight items` names on ground [Alt], a list of shrines` effects, items` prices and few other things. The bar with Diablo Torch buttons can be hidden with "~".
Posted by: Noktis (30-12-2013)

Patch v6.8 in 2014

Unfortunately, I don't have time for modding, so version 6.8 is not going to be out at the end this year. You can expect version 6.8 and the final version in 2014.
Posted by: Noktis (24-09-2013)

New adresses of Awake Website and forums

Few days ago website adress of Diablo: The Awekening has been changed. I would also like to thank Przemo from service "Imperium Diablo", who has been sharing space on his server for awake website since 2005 year.
New adresses are diablo1.eu.org for mod and awake.diablo1.eu.org for forum.

Soon new mod version of 6.8 should be released, which brings some improvements to the game. It is also possible that final version of Diablo The Awakening mod labeled as 7.0. will be released later this year.

Posted by: Noktis (27-08-2013)

Tunngle / Battle.net

Few weeks ago Diablo: The Awekening Mod has been added to Tunngle Network. Now the mod can be played on both Battle.net and Tunngle Network. Additionally article with instructions how to connect to both of mentioned networks has been included in left menu. Everyone who is interested is invited to get acquainted with Multiplayer section. Please make note that both Battle.net and Tunngle Network require latest version of game. Also remember that in Tunngle Network, you will be able to see only these games that are created using the same version of game, which you are currently using. For example english NO-CD and regular game version, are in fact two separate versions of game.
Posted by: Noktis (30-11-2012)

MOTY 2012

Today has started new edition of Mod Of The Year Awards. If you like Diablo: The Awakening mod and want to vote, please go to http://www.moddb.com/mods/diablo-the-awakening and click green button "VOTE FOR THIS MOD".
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